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Frontend: Features

Contact Form

version 1.19 (GPL, Last Updated 2015-12-01)
Garvin Hicking
Serendipity >= 1.3

Shows a email contactform on your blog as a static page. It can be accessed by either the custom permalink or by index.php?serendipity[subpage]=contactform. You can customize the look of the contact form by putting the plugin_contactform.tpl file into your template directory and modify it there. Captchas from the Spamblock plugin (if enabled) will be applied.


version 1.76 (GPL, Last Updated 2016-10-26)
Ian (Timbalu)
Serendipity >= 1.4

Shows an event calendar inside your blogs with your normal blog design. It supports backend/frontend administration, multiple events and iCal export. (MySQL-only)


version 1.13 (GPL, Last Updated 2014-12-28)
Garvin Hicking, Joachim Breitner
Serendipity >= 0.7

Flattr is a social micropayment platform that lets you show love for the things you like. This plugin embedds "Flattr"-Badges in blog entries and RSS feeds. You can specify flattr-specific options per-entry, with a default global fallback.

Frequently Asked Questions

version 1.24 (GPL, Last Updated 2016-10-26)
Falk Doering, Ian
Serendipity >= 1.7

Edit the Frequently Asked Question.


version 3.60 (GPL, Last Updated 2016-10-26)
Serendipity >= 1.7.0

Shows a guestbook inside your blog with your normal blog design.

My Calendar

version 0.17.1 (GPL, Last Updated 2016-10-26)
Garvin Hicking, Markus Gerstel, Grischa Brockhaus
Serendipity >= 2.0

Maintains a personal calendar


version 0.6 (GPL, Last Updated 2013-08-12)
Jude Anthony
Serendipity >= 1.0-alpha1

Group a category's entries in a frontpage box instead of the usual article listing. Supports nested newsboxes.

Searches comments on quicksearch

version 1.6 (GPL, Last Updated 2016-09-23)
Garvin Hicking
Serendipity >= 1.7

If this plugin is installed, the quicksearch on your blog will also search through comments on your blog

Suggest entries

version 0.11.1 (Commercial, Last Updated 2014-11-30)
Garvin Hicking
Serendipity >= 0.9

Allows non-registered authors to suggest entries for publishing


version 1.25.1 (GPL, Last Updated 2016-10-26)
Steven Tonnesen, Matthias Mees
Serendipity >= 2.0

Maintain a list of projects and their percentage completion.

UTF-8 aware sorting

version 0.1 (GPL, Last Updated 2011-05-09)
LazyBadger, Garvin Hicking
Serendipity >= 0.8

This plugin offers special UTF-8 alphabetic sorting as an extension so specific plugins like Freetag. It allows to sort by kyrillic and other foreign characters with a custom alphabet. Alphabet contributions are welcome (on the s9y forums).

Validates authors login

version 1.04 (GPL, Last Updated 2013-08-12)
Garvin Hicking
Serendipity >= 0.7

Validates the login credentials of an author using the sidebar login form