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Markup: clickable email adresses - but with antispam

version 1.03 (GPL, Last Updated 2016-01-06)
Stephan Manske, Ian
Serendipity >= 0.8

Makes email addresses clickabe, but obfuscates them to block spam harvester bots


version 0.20.3 (GPL, Last Updated 2018-03-30)
Christian Brabandt (based on work of Garvin Hicking, Sebastian Nohn)
Serendipity >= 1.0

Enabling a recaptcha for commenting articles (You need to apply for a key)

Spam Protector (RBL)

version 1.5.1 (GPL, Last Updated 2019-08-17)
Sebastian Nohn
Serendipity >= 1.2

Will reject comments made from hosts which are listed in RBLs. Pay attention that this may affect proxy-users or dial-up users.

Spam Protector (SURBL)

version 1.2 (GPL, Last Updated 2018-04-05)
Sebastian Nohn
Serendipity >= 0.8

Reject comments that contain blacklisted URLs

Spamblock (Bayes)

version 1.1.3 (GPL, Last Updated 2021-05-26)
kleinerChemiker, Malte Paskuda, based upon b8 by Tobias Leupold
Serendipity >= 2.1

Detects Spam via an algorithmus which learns.

Spamblock Bee (Honeypot, Hidden Captcha)

version 1.3.2 (GPL, Last Updated 2021-06-07)
Grischa Brockhaus, Janek Bevendorff
Serendipity >= 0.8

Implements simple comment antispam mechanisms, that are easy to configure but very effective.