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Frontend: External Services

A plug-in

version 0.8.2 (GPL, Last Updated 2021-07-13)
Serendipity >= 0.8

A clone of the "Remaindered Links" & "Blogmarks" systems, and uses the trendy for its back-end support.

Amazon Recommendations

version 1.24.1 (GPL, Last Updated 2021-07-13)
Matthew Groeninger, (original plugin by Thomas Nesges)
Serendipity >= 0.8

Recommend Products at Amazon within the Amazon-Partnerprogram

External PHP Application

version 1.1.1 (GPL, Last Updated 2021-07-13)
Garvin Hicking
Serendipity >= 0.7

Shows an external PHP application inside your blog with your blogs design and all formattings. USE WITH CARE, THIS PLUGIN HAS SECURITY IMPLICATIONS AS IT INCLUDES ANY GENERIC PHP FILE! YOU CAN ONLY USE THIS PLUGIN AS ADMIN!

Feedburner Sidebar

version 1.2.1 (GPL, Last Updated 2021-07-13)
Aaron Axelsen
Serendipity >= 1.2.1

Adds assorted functionality of the feedburner service into the sidebar.

Flickr badge

version 0.13.2 (GPL, Last Updated 2021-07-13)
Lars Strojny
Serendipity >= 0.9

Shows your last photos on

Gadu-Gadu IM status description

version 1.5.1 (GPL, Last Updated 2021-07-13)
Piotr Borys
Serendipity >= 0.9

Gets and displays a status description of Gadu-Gadu IM

Geotag Google/OSM Map

version 1.36.1 (GPL, Last Updated 2021-07-13)
Zoran Kovacevic, Grischa Brockhaus, Matthias Gutjahr, Kathi Sewelies
Serendipity >= 0.9

This plugin displays a Google Map or Openstreetmap with geotagged entries

Google Quicksearch

version 1.6.1 (GPL, Last Updated 2021-07-13)
Wesley Hwang-Chung
Serendipity >= 0.8

Search for an entry (Google)

Last Search (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Scroogle)

version 1.18.2 (GPL, Last Updated 2021-07-13)
Garvin Hicking, Grischa Brockhaus
Serendipity >= 0.7

Shows searched word of the last Google, Yahoo, Bing or Scoogle search, that lead to this blog.


version 0.4.3 (GPL, Last Updated 2018-04-03)
Bernd Distler
Serendipity >= 1.6

show statistics of Piwik in sidebar

Random Quotes

version 1.05.2 (GPL, Last Updated 2021-07-13)
Florian Solcher
Serendipity >= 0.8

Shows a block with a random quotation

Social Bookmarks Plugin

version 0.48.1 (GPL, Last Updated 2021-07-13)
Matthias Gutjahr
Serendipity >= 0.9alpha5

A plugin to display bookmarks from a social bookmark service (, ma.gnolia,, linkroll, Mister Wong) via an RSS feed.

Wikipedia Finder

version 1.5.2 (GPL, Last Updated 2021-07-13)
Serendipity Team
Serendipity >= 0.7

Highlight a phrase and click the icon to search on using Wikipedia.

flickr Photostream

version 1.09.3 (GPL, Last Updated 2021-07-13)
Michael Kaiser
Serendipity >= 0.8

Display the latest photos from flickr Photostreams.