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Backend: Editor

Amazon Media Button

version 0.76.1 (GPL, Last Updated 2021-07-13)
Matthew Groeninger, Ian
Serendipity >= 1.3

Adds a button to allow search which are insertable into your entry

Announce entries

version 1.09 (GPL, Last Updated 2016-09-23)
Serendipity Team
Serendipity >= 1.6

Send notification of new entries to online services

CKEditor Plus

version (GPL, Last Updated 2021-07-13)
Rustam Abdullaev, Ian
Serendipity >= 1.7

Uses CKEditor as the default WYSIWYG editor. For any JS-Editor usage: Recommended! After installation, go to the configuration screen of this plugin for further instructions.

Content Rewriter

version 1.4.1 (GPL, Last Updated 2016-05-18)
Garvin Hicking
Serendipity >= 1.6

Replaces words with a new selected string (useful for acronyms)

Coppermine Selector

version 2.09.1 (GPL, Last Updated 2021-07-13)
Matthew Maude (modified by Jim Davies)
Serendipity >= 0.8

Select images from a Coppermine gallery in new entries

Easy Podcasting Plugin

version 1.37.7 (GPL, Last Updated 2022-11-24)
Grischa Brockhaus, Hannes Gassert, Garvin Hicking
Serendipity >= 0.7

Adds "podcasting" capabilities hinzu (RSS enclosure, Video/Sound-Player)

Extended Editor Buttons: Youtube etc.

version 1.6.1 (GPL, Last Updated 2021-07-13)
Garvin Hicking
Serendipity >= 0.8

Offers more buttons to the editing screen to implement easy access to HTML/JS snippets like Youtube etc.


version 1.36.1 (GPL, Last Updated 2021-07-13)
Zoran Kovacevic, Grischa Brockhaus, Matthias Gutjahr, Kathi Sewelies
Serendipity >= 0.8

Allows entries to be geotagged with coordinates

LJ/MySpace/Serendipity Update Plugin

version 1.13.4 (GPL, Last Updated 2021-07-13)
Kaustubh Srikanth, Ivan Makhonin
Serendipity >= 0.7

Uses XMLRPC to post to your Livejournal/MySpace/Serendipity


version 0.46.3 (GPL, Last Updated 2021-07-13)
Matthias Gutjahr
Serendipity >= 0.9

This plugin provides an easy way to publish reviews (or events); it supports the respective microformats.

Multilingual entries

version 2.35.1 (GPL, Last Updated 2023-02-18)
Garvin Hicking, Wesley Hwang-Chung, Ian
Serendipity >= 1.6

Allows to create multiple language versions of an entry

My Mood

version 0.12.2 (GPL, Last Updated 2021-07-13)
Brett Profitt, Matthias Mees
Serendipity >= 2.0

Allows you to add your current mood or moods to entries.

Rules for publishing

version 1.16.1 (GPL, Last Updated 2021-07-13)
Garvin Hicking, Gregor Voeltz
Serendipity >= 0.8

Applies some checks before an entry is published. Does not work with WYSIWYG-CKEDITOR!

Show Emoticon/Smiley toolbar

version 2.12.1 (GPL, Last Updated 2021-07-13)
Garvin Hicking, Jay Bertrandt, Ian
Serendipity >= 0.8

Shows a toolbar to select emoticons to insert into your entry.

Split long entries

version 1.5.7 (GPL, Last Updated 2021-07-13)
Garvin Hicking, Tadashi Jokagi, Thomas Werner
Serendipity >= 0.8

Enables you to split longer entries into several subpages and provides you with an auto-generated table of contents

Static Pages

version 4.15.9 (GPL, Last Updated 2023-09-05)
Marco Rinck, Garvin Hicking, David Rolston, Falk Doering, Stephan Manske, Pascal Uhlmann, Ian, Don Chambers
Serendipity >= 2.0

Shows static pages inside your blog with your blogs design and all formattings. Adds a new menu item to the admin interface.

Tagging of entries

version 3.70.8 (GPL, Last Updated 2023-10-03)
Garvin Hicking, Jonathan Arkell, Grischa Brockhaus, Lars Strojny, Malte Paskuda, Ian
Serendipity >= 1.3

Allows freestyle tagging of entries


version 1.6.1 (GPL, Last Updated 2021-07-13)
Enrico Stahn
Serendipity >= 0.8

Activate Tooltips Text and Images.


version 1.20.1 (GPL, Last Updated 2021-06-07)
Garvin Hicking, Malte Paskuda, Ian
Serendipity >= 1.6

Allows granular control over how trackbacks are sent when creating entries

Typeset/Extended Buttons for non-WYSIWYG editors

version 0.23.1 (GPL, Last Updated 2021-09-13)
Matthew Groeninger, Malte Diers, Matthias Gutjahr
Serendipity >= 1.7

Adds buttons for various encoded typeset entities and other extended actions.

Versioning of entries

version 0.11.3 (GPL, Last Updated 2021-07-13)
Garvin Hicking
Serendipity >= 0.8

Can store and retrieve older versions of an entry